Radiant La Peau

Radiant La Peau (skin) is designed for all skin types. It is rich in peptides restoring skin’s collagen. We have Vitamin C rich serum and CBD correcting problematic issues.


Emepelle is clinically proven to help address accelerated collagen loss and aging skin due to Estrogen Deficient Skin. It improves hydration, appearance and reduction in wrinkles


Anteage is a potent growth factor! It also contents many peptides, niacinamide, and much more. We have in office treatments with microneedling and skin care for home use.


CO2Lift™ is a relaxing treatment that takes less than an hour, with zero redness and no down-time. It is gentle enough to be applied on the lid and under the eye, all the way up to the lash line.


Grow longer thicker lashes in just 8 weeks with results starting at 4 weeks. When applied daily the results are lasting!

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