Feminine Rejuvenation

Ladies we not only age on the outside we also age on the inside from childbearing, monthly cycle, sex, and menopause. It’s not the first topic that women talk openly about, but many women face.  As we age on the inside many concerns are vaginal dryness, stress incontinence, lack of sensation and overall Feminine Health.

It’s time to consider Feminine health. Lasers have been a part of anti-aging process for years.  We have provided many laser treatments here at Laser Creations since 2007, we strive for the latest and safest technology to provide you with best treatment outcome.

personal sleeve

Femilift requires 2-3 treatments one month apart taking approximately 10-15 minutes per treatment.  Results are noticed with the first treatment with optimal longevity from 2nd or 3rd treatment. With minimal discomfort or downtime.