Acne & Scarring

Treating acne can include many factors. Type of acne early onset during puberty or Adult acne. It can begin at any age but is also a big concern for many people. Treating it can be done with topicals at home and may also need topical prescriptions.  Here at Laser Creations we try to incorporate custom treatments that accomodate our clients lifestyle.

Treatment for acne

First is getting acne under control with topical medications. This can take several weeks to months! Avoid picking your acne as this will cause scaring and make the next breakout worse. We will start with topicals and regular follow ups for us to keep the area clear as possible. We also offer steroid injections for more severe acne lesions minimizing scarring to your face. 

Treatment for Scars

The are a variety of treatments for acne scarring: Microneedling, Laser Resurfacing (CO2), Erbium resurfacing, and Chemicals peels. Often treatments can be used in conjunction depending on the type of acne scars. Getting into a good routine to prevent scarring is the best option. Meaning do not extract your acne at home by picking!